Trinity 2

With the new Trinity 2 you will get the tool, that can realize your wildest visual dreams.

I can offer shots moving inside a car or shots from super low-mode to a "crane shot" in one smooth motion. And of corse the 360° spin in the roll axis is a great feature.

The tilt an roll axis can also be controlled remotely by you.

There is also the option to operate in X-mode if you are used to Omega shots.

It's a thrilling tool for all your needs.


I can offer you the latest Equipment with the Steadicam Volt combined with Betz Rig HD Super Post. You can get everything from a super low angle to a moving Top Shot.

Walter Klassen West / G70x

For my support and the cameras foundation for a smooth ride, I work with the best when it comes to the west and the arm. The Klassen West is tailored to my stature and helps me be supported for your shot.


With the G70x Steadicam Arm you will get the most reliable stabilizing tool for any Steadicam or Trinity 2. It handles a great range of weight from 4,9 KG to 32 KG.